for BRITA 





Part of Clorox Inc., a member of the Fortune 500, Brita is the oldest and most recognized brand in water filtration.  Their innovative new filter technology needed a signature pitcher that was innovative, cost effective, user friendly and broadly appealing across major customer accounts from Costco to Target.   


With consumers becoming increasingly design savvy, more than ever housewares are thoughtfully curated objects that need to live naturally in the home.  At the core of Brita's business model is encouraging healthy hydration by making filtered water easy and accessible.  Can we design a pitcher platform so modern and pure that people will be compelled to leave it on the counter snd out in the open in the home, inviting people to enjoy it's benefits and consume healthier water? 


Herbst worked across leadership, marketing, insights, and engineering and production teams at Brita to devise a dynamic and flexible product strategy.  Integral to the Wave pitcher is a modular handle construction that allows a broad spectrum of colors and finishes to be manufactured and snapped into a common pitcher chassis, allowing for retail specific color treatments and exclusivity tailored for key accounts.  This strategy also affords the Wave a freshness with compelling seasonal color hues and a rotating design assortment that gives consumers a personality-driven range of lifestyle inspired options.
Wave is designed to be bold in its modern simplicity, with a signature pop of color accented at the primary user touchpoint.   It's successful because it simultaneously blends into it's environment while standing out with a uniquely iconic personality.