Zero Touch



Car Mount with Voice & Motion Control



Drivers today are faced with so many distractions.  Can we thoughtfully design a device that helps manage those distractions and keep drivers connected, informed and focused during their busy commutes or long family roadtrips?  


By harnessing the power of voice and hand motion we can allow the driver to stay alert and visually focused while providing control and connected access to the most powerful smartphone features.  


Herbst worked with Logitech to research, define, test, design, refine and implement a holistic solution that integrates software and hardware into a seamless experience.  
Zerotouch turns your car into a connected car with hands-fee control to text, make and receive calls, navigate roads, find destinations and reviews, and control music.  All with the power of your voice and the wave of a hand.
Magnetically snap your phone into the car phone holder to activate the app without the need for taps, menus or unlocking.  Then use the app to control your phone with the sound of your voice and the wave of your hand.  
Powerful in it's simplicity.   


"Logitech finally made a useful, sexy phone mount!"  -  WIRED