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Artificial intelligence is the process by which a machine (computer) becomes smarter through its own use — a process called machine learning — which is becoming so integral to our lives, we touch it every day in so many ways:

Netflix uses machine learning algorithms to offer suggestions to over 100 million subscribers through its recommendation engine.

Spotify uses machine learning to understand what music you like and provide you with recommended playlists.

Uber uses machine learning to instantly calculate accurate pickup and arrival times.

Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri use machine learning to converse with you and instantly filter through a deep catalog of information.

And soon your doctor may rely on machine learning to monitor and quickly interpret your health to spot potential anomalies early on, changing the way we stay healthy. 

Artificial intelligence applications will only become more integral to our lives, but that can only happen with an innovative physical infrastructure. WAVE set out to design and develop the fastest, most advanced artificial intelligence processor available.



WAVE is an extremely powerful computer that uses a unique patented processing architecture called a Data Processing Unit (DPU) that is 4000x faster than a top of the line computer. But we set out to create a design experience that wouldn’t get stuffed in a data closet or backroom. We wanted to create a visual experience that expresses the magic and beauty of data. WAVE is the first AI processor that shows the fluid movement of the machine learning inside – a process called neural networking – shown in vivid animations on a 9” display…as though you can view the kinetic brain of this beautiful process unfold before your eyes.   

The physical design is inspired by modern architecture, a tribute to the mathematical precision and art-meets-science philosophy of the artificial intelligence, in physical form. The 4 DPUs (Data Processors) aren’t hidden inside, rather they’re black boxes stacked vertically on the front for a striking, easily accessible format for serviceability and open access. Additionally, the layout, architecture and surface treatments are all specifically designed to keep the machine running as fast and efficient as possible, with cooling features and liquid flow as visual elements of the system. 

Typical machine learning data processors are basic, sheet metal boxes that get hidden in a data closet or backroom. But WAVE is the fastest in the world and at $60,000 turns the heavy technology inside out, to celebrate the beauty of the technology. We showcase the 4 data processors on the exterior, as modern architectural black boxes that dissipate heat with a beautiful radiant pattern. And the hero of the visual experience is the full color display that animates the actual neural-networking activity as the system is machine learning. WAVE gives the AI world a beautiful experience that compliments the amazing technology within.