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Today's WIFI routers are so susceptible to attack, you might as well put a welcome sign out for hackers.  All it takes is one compromised baby monitor or smart thermostat for cybercriminals to infiltrate your network and reach your personal data.
How would the world's leading provider of software security enter the router space and position themselves to change the way we think about home WIFI and create their first ever line of security enabled hardware products?   


The router space is crowded, ultra-competitive and saturated with commodity products that haven't changed in two decades.  This legacy has forced users to hide their complex and unsightly WIFI routers behind the tv or buried in a closet where their antenna visibility is compromised and their performance suffers.  What if we could develop a line of WIFI routers that live out in the open and blend into our lives, on a bookshelf or desk with full visibility to provide world-class performance and deliver the very best strength and security?


A member of the Fortune 500, Symantec worked with Herbst to develop a holistic design vision from hardware to packaging and brand development. Herbst worked collaboratively across the organization to merge Symantec's best-in-class heritage with new state-of-the-art hardware technology to create a fresh and emotional hardware/software/brand experience.  

The result: NORTON CORE. Unlike traditional routers, NORTON CORE is designed to secure and protect the connected home.  To produce great wireless coverage and provide maximum protection the system has a unique antenna array inside a geodesic dome of interlocking faces, inspired by defense and weather radars deployed in the extreme reaches of the globe.     
NORTON CORE'S unique mathematical design has a sculptural presence and becomes functional décor, allowing users to place it out in the open where the best WiFi can be broadcast.  Norton Core is available in a series of refined lifestyle driven colors, offered in Titanium Gold or Granite Gray.


2017 Edison Award
10 Best Innovations of CES, Wall St Journal


"Router game. Changed."   CNET
"One of the most interesting ideas this year."   THE VERGE
"Security.  Score!"  ENGADGET
"Display-worthy design.  You won't hide it in the corner!"  UNCRATE


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