For Crate & Barrel


Home Technology System

Design / Branding / Strategy


Our lives are increasingly filled with technology, our live/work habits are evolving and the lines between home, office, productivity and play are blurring.  Can we design a system for the home to help support this transition and help manage the influx of technology, in a lifestyle friendly way?


Consolidate the complex assortment of tech tools around our dwellings into an organized, home friendly nest that feels both anchored and mobile, with a home friendly twist.  


Herbst worked with Crate & Barrel to envision a system and brand platform that would propel the classic home-goods brand into a trend-forward innovator at the intersection of technology and lifestyle.

The MOBILITY line of products represented a new approach to supporting technology in the home with items of utility from the Tech Nest to laptop sleeves, cable management solutions and docking stations.  The MOBILITY brand and design were built around modern, neutral primary pallets with energetic core pops of color and hidden details that surprise and delight.