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Understanding our health and wellness isn't easy.  Trips to the doctor.  Lab tests.  Time.  Expense.  Technology has enabled so much insight into our lives, and yet simple knowledge about ourselves (Do I have the flu?  How much Vitamin D am I getting) remain complex and mysterious.  
Is there a tool that can empower us and reveal the true story of your body -- at the molecular level -- from the comfort of your own home? 


The subject of health and wellness can be intimidating.  Data, chemistry, molecular diagnostics, charts.  Even with the aid of a visit to a professional clinic, making sense of our bodies deepest levels of health can be complex. Can we devise a system architecture that blends into our lives, that we can access frequently and on our own terms, and provides concise, relevant human-centered information in a form factor that is approachable, versatile and timeless?


Herbst worked with the CUE team to envision a total user experience that simplified the complex science behind their technology, and revealed to the user an intuitive, inviting, powerful deep-health diagnostic tool that is as comfortable on your kitchen counter as it is in your gym bag.
The user simply loads a consumable test cartridge into CUE, inserts a minute sample of saliva or blood into the cartridge, and waits for a few minutes while CUE does a microfluidic analysis.  Results are quickly sent to your smartphone in a synthesized, simple-to-understand format that reveals the secrets of your body on the molecular level.  Simple.  Fast. Insightful.  
The entire system and the consumable test cartridges were designed with brand in mind.  Each test kit claims a signature color and icon to make the engagement fun, simple and bold.  A remarkable system with an uncompromising design.     


Fueled by a powerful holistic design, CUE has raised over $40 million in venture funding to date and has formed partnerships with some of the worlds largest medical brands.  


"This high-tech home test is pure genius."  WALL ST JOURNAl
"An incredible shift in the way people manage their health."   TECH CRUNCH
"140 million annual doctor visits for cold and flu. This could change everything!"  THE VERGE


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