Implantable Micro-Sensor System

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Most of us only get a get a once-a-year snapshot of what's happening inside our body when we visit the doctor.  Yet this internal chemistry is the most valuable and important information and it should be available at any moment to us in real-time, without a costly and complex visit to a physician or lab.  
Wearable tech has provided surface information about exercise and sleep, but to access truly insightful and accurate data about our body requires going below the surface.


Can we create a reliable and clinical-grade system that actually goes inside our bodies to monitor our health in real-time, all the time?


San Francisco biomedical startup Profusa Inc. worked with Herbst to evolve their tissue-integrated biosensor technology into a platform that is user-centered and tells a unique and holistic story across hardware, software and brand. 

The system consists of a micro-implantable "bio sensor" that is inserted under the skin with our patented injector and a small "optical reader" that is placed on the skin over the biosensor location.  This external reader emits pulses of light to converse with the internal sensor which then relays information about the surrounding body tissue it's embedded within.  The reader sends this information in real-time (every few seconds) to the software on your smartphone where it's viewed in a user-friendly format and can be shared securely with your healthcare provider.  
Because this is a seamless feedback loop that uses wavelengths of light to shed light on our bodies hidden chemistry, we named it LUMEE. 

The first application for LUMEE is in monitoring tissue oxygen, a critical biomarker that has wide ranging applications for patient recovery, sports physiology and the military.  With grant support by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA, a U.S. Depart­ment of Defense agency), the U.S. National Institutes of Health, and other funding agencies, LUMEE is currently in trial use by vascular surgeons and wound-healing specialists around the world.


To date Profusa has raised over $14m in private funding and grants from the NIH and the U.S. military.  The LUMEE system has been received around the world as a game-changing technology that will have profound implications on human health and our approach to healthcare.  


"LUMEE changes the way we will monitor our health."   FORBES
"This amazing technology eliminates the need for finger pricks."   USA TODAY
"LUMEE offers clinical-grade analytics for everday users."  FAST COMPANY


Edison Award, 2016
Innovation By Design Award (IBDA Fast Company) 2016