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When we get sick we head to the hospital or clinic where they take a specimen such as a throat culture or urine sample and it gets sent to “the lab.” The clock is ticking as they identify the specific infection through a 2-3 day long culture to see what antibiotics are most effective at treatment. Meanwhile, because we can’t wait days for results, our doctor prescribes a “broad spectrum” cocktail of antibiotics, generically designed to hopefully work . This perpetuates a dangerous cycle of over-prescribing and helps promote “super bugs” that are resistant to our medicines.

What if there were a better process? A system that can dramatically increase the speed to identify illness and prescribe targeted antibiotics?


To integrate a disruptive and new technology into this established health system a solution must be totally seamless, easy to use and rapidly adoptable by doctors and micro-biologists. Even more complex, their is no standard lab architecture and each hospital has differing needs to accommodate a varied range of patient throughput. To develop a meaningful solution that is rapidly adoptable in hospitals across the country, it must be modular with a completely flexible architecture to allow a multitude of tests to run simultaneously.


Herbst worked with Pattern to research, conceptualize, iterate, refine and execute an award-winning solution. The Pattern system is easy to install, service and use and can be rapidly deployed in diverse lab environments. The system is modular and stackable, with a single power module accommodating up to 23 individual test bays to support maximum patient sample throughput, saving time and saving lives.


Pattern transforms the way we manage and treat infections by reducing lab time from 2-3 days to just 2-3 hours. At its core the Pattern system uses microfluidics and artificial intelligence to rapidly tailor results, optimizing patient outcomes, saving millions of lives each year. Pattern will change the course of modern healthcare.   


2019 Edison Award


“Pattern is the intersection of Art + Science…

Pattern creation is a powerful tool in nature. Pattern recognition holds deep insights into scientific evaluation and pattern is the key that unlocks the secrets to our health and wellness.


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A modern brand for the future of medicine.