Somewear Global Hotspot

For somewear Labs


world's smallest satellite hotspot



Whether on a casual hike, a weekend getaway or a remote back-country excursion, we all want to feel connected to our lives for sharing moments and peace of mind if we ever need assistance.  Satellite communications enables us to get away and stay connected, but existing systems are large, clunky and extremely expensive.  


To create a simple, lightweight mobile solution that significantly reduces the size of a satellite hotspot accessory and decouples the hardware from the user interface to harnesses the power of your smartphone while utilizing our hardware to provide seamless coverage whether you're meeting up with friends in the backcountry, getting conditions from the local ranger or calling in some backup.


Herbst worked with Somewear Labs to envision an iconic product with an approachable brand that can deliver the promise of seamless, simple satellite connectivity anywhere in the world. The Somewear Hotspot,tackles the most fundamental need of any adventurer - reliable communication. This Iridium satellite-powered hub of connectivity offers 100% global coverage while fitting easily in any pocket. After pairing a smartphone to the hotspot, adventurers use Somewear’s mobile app to share their stories with friends and family back home, look up local conditions like weather and,in the most extreme cases, send an SOS call to emergency responders..   




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