Stratos Card



Connected Payment System



Our wallets and purses are filled with a myriad of 'plastic' cards from credit cards to rewards cards.  Can technology liberate us from this antiquated system of toting around thick sleeves of cards, and provide a seamless and sleek user experience that actually enhances the payment process?


By consolidating your cards into one 'smart' card that is simple, modern, strong and secure will appeal not just to the technology savvy but to all consumers. 


Meet Stratos, your cards connected.  The Stratos Bluetooth Connected Card™ simplifies your wallet by combining all of your 'plastic' cards including credit, debit, loyalty, membership and gift cards into a single, simplified experience.
HERBST worked with Ann Arbor, Michigan based startup Stratos, Inc., to design and refine the industry’s first smart payment card that works everywhere traditional cards are accepted.

The Stratos technology is remarkable, almost defying physics in a credit card thin form factor (less than 1mm thick!) that houses state-of-the-art integrated circuitry with LED illumination for a seamless, almost magical experience.  
The HERBST team worked with renowned physicist and Stratos founder Thiago Olson, to envision a design strategy that would be both iconic and intuitive.  A unique blend of technology and art...


"A better, futuristic credit card."   WIRED
"This smartcard lives up to its promise!"   FORTUNE
"One of the best product designs of the year."  FASTCO


Innovation By Design Award (IBDA, Fast Company)