Rivian truck at sunset with the WeBoost Drive Reach Overland antenna attached
LAUNCHED — Drive Reach Overland

“Drop civilization. Not calls.” Herbst is excited to announce the launch of the new Overland cell signal booster for WeBoost, the most powerful FCC approved technology that connects you to call, text, navigate, and stream data in in the most rugged environments.

Slice tools placed on top of a Slice tool wrap with the iF awards logo
AWARDED — Slice wins the iF award

Herbst continues our work with Slice to reinvent the experience of cutting—from craft knives and scissors to box cutters and electrical tools. With a major acquisition Slice is now the industry leader in ceramic blade technology. Congrats to the team on winning the iF Design Award, one of the most historic and prestigious international design recognitions since 1953.

LAUNCHED — Sunflow's "Shore Thing" Beach Chair

Herbst worked with Sunflow to design their lightest and simplest beach chair yet. Featuring three reclining options and up to UPF50+ sun protection, this lounger has everything you need for a stress-free day on the water.

A copy of Walter Herbst's book, "Mastering Product Innovation"
BOOK DROP — Mastering Product Innovation by Walter Herbst

Congrats to Walter on his new book! The Herbst founder and partner shares his 55 years of experience as  one of the "Fathers of Product Design" (Business Week) for his contribution to the design landscape.

LAUNCHED — Breez is blowing!

Excited that Snooz launched their most ambitious product, the Breez smart bedroom fan and sound machine, equal parts audible white noise and ambient cooling fan. The result of years of rigorous testing this just might be the secret to your best night's sleep.

The somewear node hotspot device on a concrete floor
LAUNCHED — Somewear Node comes online

A first-of-its-kind multi-network device, the Somewear Node combines the efficiency of mesh radios and the resilience of satellite technology. Node is designed to reliably communicate with large teams such as military, enterprise, and outdoor adventurers in all kinds of terrain.

Brewbird coffee machine with a box of pods including the IF and Edison Design award logos
AWARDED — Brewbird wins iF & Edison Awards

A perfect brew! Herbst is excited to announce that the Brewbird coffee machine is on its way to win the trifecta of esteemed design awards this year. Recognized for its innovative mix of sustainability, precision brewing and craft roasting, Brewbird just served up an impressive suite of well deserved awards. Congrats to the team!

FEATURED — Loona in The Wall Street Journal

Design is a game of firsts, and we’re pretty sure the WSJ praising a urinal as cool is a big first. Congrats to the Boom Home Medical team for taking women’s health to another level. Learn more about our RedDot Award winning Loona.

LAUNCHED — Edwards Universal Platform

Our new Stabilizer Table for Edwards Lifesciences has launched and is in use. The first tool in a lineup of support accessories used for transcatheter heart valve replacement, we designed and engineered this critical component to be fully adjustable and completely collapsible with an emphasis on user friendly and intuitive controls.

Ultimate Ears earbuds with the Red Dot and iF design awards logos
AWARDED — Ultimate Ears G-Fits win the Red Dot and iF design awards

The Ultimate Ears Fits headphones, which brought custom-moldable earbuds into the home for everyday listeners, have been re-imagined specifically for gaming as the UE G-Fits. Featuring bold new colors and their innovative LIGHTFORM technology, G-Fits use passive noise cancellation to immerse the user in pure sound.

MILESTONE — Edwards Lifesciences VDL

Herbst just completed an ambitious multi-year collaboration with long-time partner Edwards Lifesciences, the global leader in heart valve replacement and reconstruction. Our team designed and developed over a dozen implant and surgical devices culminating in a strategic and long-term Visual Design Language across their life-saving portfolio.

ACQUIRED — Slice x Bertram Capital

Herbst helped incubate the award-winning Slice brand of ceramic cutting tools and we’re thrilled to join Bertram Capital as the newest addition to their Safety Products Global portfolio. This officially makes SPG + Slice the world’s largest brand of safe cutting tools = more R&D horsepower + broader global reach.

LAUNCHED — Logi Bluetooth Sound System

We’ve been hard at work on a broad range of programs with longtime partner Logitech, and they just launched our Bluetooth Sound System. Z407 is an immersive dual speaker + subwoofer setup that includes our Dial remote, a powerful controller in an elegantly simple form.

Two Bedrock subs navigating the ocean floor
MILESTONE — Bedrock discovers 25M in Series A funding & partners with Exail

Congrats to Bedrock for an amazing round of Series A funding. With the help of their new partner Exail, the team plans to continue using their autonomous sub and cloud-based data to improve offshore wind infrastructure, with longer term goals of exploring and mapping the entire ocean floor.

AWARDED — Brita wins Core 77

Our top selling Brita filter water bottle won a Core 77 Design Award. And thank you Esquire for the design acknowledgement: "as sustainable as you could want your water bottle to be."

PARTNER — LISN Selected for NCAA National Championship

Our LISN system was awarded the rights to broadcast and manage the entire team radio communications at this year's College Bowl Championship game between Michigan and Georgia. LISN (Low Interference Secure Network) has proven to be paradigm shifting for critical operations including sports and military comms.

LAUNCHED — Fathom Ocean Partners with Coral Gardeners

Our newest partnership with Coral Gardeners will allow remote monitoring of sensitive reef restoration around the world. Herbst worked with Fathom Ocean to rebrand and design a suite of underwater self-cleaning cameras that use AI to monitor and characterize aquatic health.

AWARDED — Cue Health x BARDA

Congrats to Cue Health (Nasdaq: HLTH) just awarded a $28 million contract by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), to develop a Flu A/B, RSV, and COVID-19 molecular multiplex--viruses responsible for hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations annually, RSV is the leading cause of hospitalization among children less than one year of age in the U.S. and 7,000 people are still admitted to the hospital per week due to COVID-19 in the U.S.

LAUNCHED — Bedrock's Earth Exploration Mission

It’s often said that we know less about our oceans here on Earth than we know of the Solar System. Bedrock was founded by oceanographers and SpaceX engineers to create an AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) that will create a high-resolution map of the seafloor which will help renewable energy infrastructure with the construction of offshore wind farms.

AWARDED — Pattern Bio wins Disruptive Technology Award

Congrats to Pattern for winning the 2023 Disruptive Technology Award, our first test can detect pneumonia and identify the antibiotic course of treatment in just four hours vs the current three dangerously long days. Pattern’s speed and accuracy is unmatched and will save the lives of critically ill patients around the world.

Loona female urinal bottle on a nightstand next to the Red Dot Design, IF Design and Edison Gold Award logos
AWARDED — Loona joins the Triple Gold Club of Red Dot, IF, and Edison Award winners

By far the most award winning urinal on the market today, Loona made a big splash in the design award scene this year by solving a real need - for women and girls who find themselves unable to use a restroom for whatever reason throughout any life stage - in the most discreet and elegant way possible.

LAUNCHED — BrewBird takes flight

With a successful pilot at Google and Meta HQ our whole-bean coffee brewer has officially launched. Brewbird was designed with our fully compostable coffee pods to encourage conscious consumption and eliminates coffee waste and wasted coffee.

MILESTONE — CUE granted first FDA clearance

Cue designed by Herbst is officially the first to offer molecular diagnostic Covid-19 testing to consumers in the U.S. without a prescription. “This is the first test available without a prescription that allows consumers to access laboratory-grade testing at home. A major milestone in the advancement of COVID-19 testing,” said Ayub Khattak, Co-Founder and CEO of Cue.

AWARDED — Clorox wins PACT Sustainable Packaging Award

Our Clorox Multi-Purpose Concentrated Cleaning system wins the PACT Sustainable Packaging Innovation Award! A cleverly designed two-part system of concentrated cleaning pods with a refillable spray bottle that uses post-consumer recycled plastic — just add water!

MILESTONE — Walter Herbst Inducted into National Academy of Inventors

Walter Herbst was made a full Fellow of the NAI and inducted into the National Academy of Inventors in a ceremony in Washington DC presided by Andrew Hirshfeld, the Commissioner of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The NAI Fellows Program was established to highlight inventors who have demonstrated a prolific spirit of innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions that have made a tangible impact on quality of life, economic development and the welfare of society. Way to go Walt, you're an inspiration to us all!

LAUNCHED — Cue Debuts with Most Popular Super Bowl Ad

Cue teamed up with award-winning actor and producer Gal Gadot to bring Cue to life in its inaugural Super Bowl commercial. In the new spot, Cue showcases her differentiated capabilities as the newcomer in a smart home whose job is to protect the family’s most valuable asset: their health.

AWARDED — Pattern Receives FDA “Breakthrough Device” Designation

Pattern has been granted Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA for its Pneumonia Action Panel, a test that uses machine learning and single cell analysis in Pattern’s Digital CultureTM technology to provide a diagnosis in a fraction of the time for patients hospitalized with severe pneumonia.

PARTNER — Slice adds Space X

Self-incubated Herbst startup Slice Inc. recently signed a partnership with Space X to supply their production facility with our ceramic bladed tools. SpaceX, headquartered in LA, will add Slice tools across their facilities helping them innovate and manufacture safely and efficiently.

AQUIRED — Molekule x AeroClean

Molekule merged with AeroClean Technologies giving the Molekule Group the largest range of proprietary and patented FDA-cleared air purification devices to address the estimated $15 billion rapidly growing global air purification market.

Somwear hotspot device with the Edison Awards gold medal logo
AWARDED — Somewear wins Edison Gold

Huge congrats to the entire team for taking home a Gold Edison Award for the Somewear off-grid satellite enabled communication and tracking device. It’s been a breakout year for Somewear Labs with a host of government and military partnerships.

FEATURED — Bedrock on CNBC

Bedrock's electric autonomous submarine fleet was featured on CNBC as we “map the seafloor to make way for wind power.”

AWARDED — Twice Winner of Time's Best Inventions

Big congrats to our team and partners for being recognized in this year's Top 25 Best Inventions list in the December issue of Time Magazine. Norton Core and Molekule were both selected as must-own appliances for their ability to keep “homeowners safe, secure and healthy.”

NOMINATED — Herbst honoree for National Design Award

Herbst has been designing products since the '60's, when design icon Walter Herbst founded his consultancy in Chicago.  Walter and Scot were honored to be considered for this year's National Design Award hosted by the Smithsonian National Design Museum in Washington D.C.

Learn more about Herbst and our design history here.

MILESTONE — Starsky first in driverless trucks

Starsky Robotics is officially the world’s first operator of a driverless fleet truck, a feat managed with a remote driver over 500 miles away in the Starsky operations center. Congrats to Starsky for achieving this technological leap, ahead of Tesla and Google’s Waymo unit.


Wired Magazine generously selected us for their magazine cover and a full feature titled "Cyberspace Station."  Norton Core had a great launch, congrats to the Symantec team for supporting innovation and making this thing real!

ACQUIRED — Buoy x Honeywell

Honeywell smart-home division Resideo Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: REZI) has acquired Santa Cruz based Buoy Labs. Our innovative Wi-Fi enabled solution tracks home water use and uses AI to detect leaks and automatically shutoff water at the source.