Fit your entire medical team in a first aid kit


Understanding our health and wellness isn't easy.  Trips to the doctor.  Lab tests.  Time.  Expense.  Technology has enabled so much insight into our lives, and yet simple knowledge about ourselves - Do I have the flu?  How much Vitamin D am I getting? - remain complex and mysterious.  Herbst and Cue developed a suite of tools that can empower us and reveal the true story of your body, at the molecular level, from the comfort of your own home.


"The first molecular self-test to receive FDA authorization for at-home use" - Forbes

"The U.S. government has awarded diagnostic testing company Cue Health Inc $481 million to scale up the production" - Reuters

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Cue is an intuitive, inviting, and powerful deep-health diagnostic tool that is as comfortable on your kitchen counter as it is in your gym bag.

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Fueled by a powerful holistic design, Cue has raised over $520 million and has formed partnerships with the world's largest medical brands.

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See the world's first FDA authorized home use COVID-19 test.

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