Self cleaning marine cameras for real-time ocean monitoring


Fathom Ocean worked with Herbst to develop a system of secure and resilient underwater observatories to protect our oceans and infrastructure. Fathom utilizes an AI-powered solution to monitor the underwater landscape with real-time analysis of live-stream video, audio and sensor data - all delivered through a secure app. These award-winning, self-cleaning underwater monitoring systems are used by researchers, educational organizations, and businesses.


"Fathom self-cleaning camera systems are the first of their kind in the subsea video industry" - Ocean News and Technology

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Fathom Ocean worked with Herbst to develop a suite of AI driven cameras that monitor the health of our most precious ecosystems.

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The system uses an automated intermittent rotational wiper to pass over the camera lens ensuring a clean, clear view into the blue.

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Every day, millions enjoy live-stream action from Fathom ocean observatories around the world.

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