The coolest white noise machine around


Herbst worked with Snooz to unleash the secret power behind their superior white noise machine: a smart, adjustable fan. Elevate your sleep with Breez, the ultimate bedroom fan, offering independent control over both air and sound. Find the perfect blend of powerful, surprisingly smooth cooling air and customizable white noise from a real fan to match your preferences. With its sturdy real-wood base and simple aesthetic, Breez fits comfortably into your bedroom.


"Best multipurpose white noise machine" - Sleep Foundation

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Control both air and sound with Breez, not your average bedroom fan.

snooz breez packaging design
snooz breez user interface design
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snooz breez bedroom fan product design
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We meticulously designed every detail to evoke comfort and rest for the bedroom environment.

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Make falling asleep a breeze.

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