Autonomous Submarine Fleet


Herbst worked with the Bedrock Ocean organization to establish a product strategy and execute a design that would be efficient and hydrodynamic, powerful, reliable and of course iconic and beautiful.

Today, subsea surveys are massively complex operations requiring large ships, assets, operations, and lots and lots of people. Could we design a submarine small enough to ship in a case and deploy rapidly anywhere in the world? Bedrock's technology allows us to collect seafloor data faster, more efficiently, and in a much more cost effective manner. More importantly, our technology makes ocean mapping safer, with minimal environmental impact, risk of endangered animal strikes, and infrastructure damage.


"Electric robots are mapping the seafloor, Earth’s last frontier" - CNN Business

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Only 5% of our oceans are well mapped, even though 70% of our world is covered by water.

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We’ve redesigned the marine survey experience from the bottom up, an iconic brand and device for a bold venture.

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Bedrock will chart the course for offshore sustainable wind farming.

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