Buoy smart water meter


Herbst worked with Calliope Waterworks to define and execute a design and brand strategy that converted an ultra-complex concept and technology into something simple, approachable, beautiful and broadly appealing. Buoy simply installs onto your water main and allows you to shut off your home's water from the app, and investigate any leaks when you return. It's great for preventing damage from burst pipes and it's also helpful for the everyday leaks that are wasting your water and your money. Buoy also provides deep insights which tell you how you're doing relative to your neighbors to help you meet your water district's goals and get your water bill under control without making big sacrifices to your lifestyle.


"Buoy Labs is the first acquisition by Resideo, spinoff from Honeywell" - Business Insider

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An iconic maritime form, the buoy is a reliable marker of safety and filled with helpful sustainability insights.

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As a return on their investment in design, Buoy technology was successfully acquired by Honeywell.

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Learn the water rhythms of your home.

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