Agile mesh communication for teams


A first-of-its-kind multi-network device, the Somewear Node combines the efficiency of mesh radios and the resilience of satellite technology, providing a guarantee that you will never lose coverage. Even in subterranean environments, Node provides a level of reliability, security, and survivable situational awareness that was previously unavailable for teams on the move. Herbst created a compact form factor with multiple attachment methods that complies with a 4oz weight restriction, ensuring that Node seamlessly integrates into any kit.


"Hybrid mesh-satellite network you can trust with your life" - Government Technology

US Marine Corps
US Army
US Air Force
Army National Guard
US Department of Homeland Security
US Space Force
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From sky to bunker, Node’s intuitive design empowers teams to respond efficiently and safely.

Military person jumping from a plane in the sky
Somewear Node satellite device
SOS capabilities on the Somewear node
Orange Somewear Node device on concrete
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Somewear Node satellite communication device on a camouflage military backpack
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Herbst created a design that enables you to connect Node anywhere.

Design process for tech product
Prototypes in the design process 3D printed
Assembly of the Somewear Node hotspot device
Orange Somewear Node attached to a pipe
Military vehicles
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Stack of 3 Somewear Node devices
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Agile, uninterrupted communication just came online.

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Military person using the Somewear Node satellite communication device with his phone
Orange Somewear Node device
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