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7.7 billion humans on planet earth. We ALL share one common trait — we pee. Several times a day. And many of us suffer from a clinically diagnosed condition called ‘nocturia’ which leaves us sleepless and vulnerable throughout the night as we are forced to get out of bed and use the bathroom every few hours. Risks of this haphazard un-lit ritual can include stubbed toes, bonked noggins or worse — trips and severe falls. One team comprised of a female doctor and patient set out to address this common need, and in the process discovered a vast untouched landscape of urinals, toileting and shower support products desperately in need of design with dignity.


"Make no mistake, the Loona is bonafide assistive technology." - Forbes

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Home health care products that actually belong in your home.

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From naming to ID and packaging, we designed a user experience that instills confidence and dignity at every stage.

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You've done way crazier things than pee in this.

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