Clinical Diagnostic System


Pattern transforms the way we manage and treat infections by reducing lab time from 2-3 days to just 2-3 hours. At its core the Pattern system uses microfluidics and artificial intelligence to rapidly tailor results, optimizing patient outcomes, saving millions of lives each year. Pattern will change the course of modern healthcare.

Herbst worked with Pattern to research, conceptualize, iterate, refine and execute an award-winning solution. The Pattern system is  easy to install, service and use and can be rapidly deployed in diverse lab environments. The system is modular and stackable, with a single power module accommodating up to 23 individual test bays to support maximum patient sample throughput, saving time and saving lives.


"Pattern will enable healthcare teams to get appropriate, life-saving treatments to patients fast" - Business Wire

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Herbst helped Pattern create a diagnostic system worthy of the FDA Breakthrough Device designation.

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Pattern creation is a powerful tool in nature. Pattern recognition holds deep insights to unlock the secrets of our health and wellness.

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We're out to outsmart superbugs.

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