Filter on the Go.


The Brita water pitcher brought clean filtered water to homes across the globe. The next obvious step was to take it on the road. Reusable water bottles reduce plastic waste, but you still might find yourself throwing away single-use bottles in search of filtered water. That is, until Herbst worked with Brita to develop an iconic bottle, equipped with a powerful filter straw, ready to transform tap water into a delicious pure drink with every sip. Its silicone top strap says, 'take me with you!' and the snappy flip top lid keeps the mouthpiece clean. Completely leakproof, the Brita Water Bottle is ready for your day.


"as sustainable as you could want your water bottle to be" - Esquire

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Pure filtered water, now your daily sidekick.

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Herbst and Brita just made clean water a beautiful, timeless accessory.

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Drink delicious filtered water wherever you go.

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